A letter about family, from Canada

Hello from Canada!

I’m having a very good time. My Canadian family lives in an old big house called “Green Gables” They called it because of the novel. I will celebrate “Thanks Giving day” on the second Monday of October instead of the fourth Thursday of November as in the USA.

I took lots of photographs; I love visiting my Uncle and aunt and my cousins and my grandmother. She lives with them. She is 80 years old.

One of my cousins is 15 years old. She has two brothers, called Oliver and John And they all live together.

They also have two sisters called Anne and Diana. They are older and they live in their own houses.

I’m only child. How many brothers or sisters have you got?

Write to you soon.

Mr. G.

P.D: Do you know the novel “Anne of Green Gables” I advice you to read it.

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