A letter about Halloween, from New York

Hi from New York!

I’m having a very fun time. This is a really big city.

I feel so happy in the “Big Apple”, between skyscrapers. The hotel is decorated with pumpkins like Jack O’Lantern, it is similar to a haunted house.

I’m going to buy a fancy dress to go to a Halloween’s Party. I like fancy dresses of werewolf and skeleton. I don’t like typical witches, and ghosts. Do you like fancy dresses? Do you like playing “Trick or Treat”? Do you like sweets?

I send you photos from “The Statue of Liberty”, “Central Park”, “The Empire State Building”, “Times Square”, “Rockefeller Centre” and “Yankee Stadium”, for your pupils.

Write to you soon.

Mr. G.

P.D: Sorry if I cannot answer to everyone. I will send an e-mail  to a couple of them every time.

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