Lilith, the green dwarf

First part: Hello, my name is Lilith, but everybody calls me “The green dwarf”. I live in the Magic Forest. I’m going to tell you a story. Old dwarves told me, how the body was formed. At the beginning of all the ages; arms, legs, head and trunk were separated. I’m going to explain to you, how they decided to remain together.

Once upon a time, there was a trunk. The trunk was taking a walk in the Magic Forest. He had a surprise meeting with a couple of friends, who were very bored. The brothers Arms used to be happy. Arm Left explained the problem to the trunk; their problem was boredom.  They used to play hanging branches, catching things and, arm-wrestling. They were bored due to doing the same things, all the time. The Trunk was a very good friend because he had a big heart. So, the trunk felt as sad as his friends. But, the trunk had a very intelligent friend called Head. Trunk asked her to find a solution. Indeed, Head was very intelligent, because she had a fantastic brain. Also, Head had a great memory and she remembered her two friends called Sisters Legs, Leg Left and Leg Right. It was quite difficult to meet these sisters, because they were so shy. When they saw someone they didn’t know, they ran and disappeared, as fast as they could. Head made a plan.

Second part:   A party would be organised, in order to introduce the sisters and brothers. Perhaps they could play together and have a good time. Trunk and Head prepared a wonderful party with balloons, sweets, and music.

They danced and danced, until they fell exhausted on the floor. They started laughing when they were on the floor. So, all of them closed their eyes and made a wish. They made the same wish: to remain together forever. The Magic Forest’s Soul made their wishes come true. Thus, they remain together, forever in the same way that they were laid out, when they fell on the floor.